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Inclusiveness. Positivity. Appreciation.
These are the pillars that World Multisport is built on. Yes, we like to go fast but we also love new beginnings, sunrises and our coffee too. We dislike comfort zones and our favourite place to travel is to the outer edges where our athletes trying new things and pushing their boundaries live. The new recruits, the weekend warriors & the old-timers.


Tammy was my coach for around seven years. Throughout this time I got to know Tammy very well. Not only was she a coach for triathlon then she was a coach for every day life, her job didn’t stop at the end of a session but continued 24 hours a day, that is she was always there for her athletes making sure all areas of their lives were going well.

Something I found very valuable, especially when in my university years. Throughout my time as an athlete I worked with a good amount of coaches, some in high school, some at university and some in the NZ triathlon seen, yet none of them managed to connect with and support athletes the way I have experienced and seen Tammy do with her athletes.

Its clear it is not just a job for her but a passion in which she devotes so much time and energy to. Tammy always puts the athletes needs before her own and works so hard to make sure every training session is optimal for the athletes and their individual needs.

Tammy makes sure that athletes have training sessions that are optimal to move the athlete closer to achieving their goals but she also understands when it’s time for athletes to take a break and have some down time, physically and mentally.

I no longer train as a triathlete due to personal reasons, the hardest part about taking another path in life was not giving up the sport but was not getting my weekly training schedule from Tammy and not having several weekly coaching sessions with her and the other athletes. I have a never ending amount of respect for Tammy and truly believe we need more coaches like her.

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