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Group Sessions

For triathletes based in New Plymouth or Taupo, New Zealand. Join our group training sessions or beginner course and be part of our local community.

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Solo training

online training

First time triathlete or training for your first Ironman. Our online programs include  beginner course, sprint & Olympic programs plus the long course academy.

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Mark coaching

personal coach

For the triathletes that like to have someone in their corner and to know that all the training they do is completely tailored towards getting their best result.

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for all the action takers

Inclusiveness. Positivity. Appreciation.
These are the pillars that World Multisport is built on. Yes, we like to go fast but we also love new beginnings, sunrises and our coffee too. We dislike comfort zones and our favourite place to travel is to the outer edges where our athletes trying new things and pushing their boundaries live. The new recruits, the weekend warriors & the old-timers.

Mark coaching

why Choose Us

I've been coaching for over 25 years and have loved watching people grow from their first triathlon to their first Ironman event. I've met thousands of people over the years and every single person would have a desire to want to improve and be better than their last race.

This is what triathlon coaching is about for me. It's about helping everyone reach their goals and that goal is very rarely about getting on a podium.

Triathlon is such an inclusive community and we see it change lives as people set new goals and achieve things that they once thought were impossible.

I hope you'll join us at World Multisport and be part of our community where training online doesn't mean training alone.


“The community and coaching at World Multisport is amazing. Mark and his team helped me balance the demands of shift work as a paramedic to prepare for my first Ironman at Cairns.

The experience, care and expertise meant I had a great race that exceeded my expectations. More importantly, I was fresh both mentally and physically at the start line which meant I thoroughly enjoyed the experience so much more.  I could not have been more ready and prepared.”

Bryony Williams

Bryony Williams

"Mark is the first running coach I’ve ever had. The process has been a lot of fun, and I’m learning a lot. Mark takes a patient, long term approach, which has led to me running more consistently and injury free.

At the age of 40, I’m now running faster than I’ve ever run, and enjoying (almost) every minute of it. And the team at World Multisport have been so supportive, it’s great to train with like minded people."

I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do with another couple of years of consistent training!

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Jonathan Wright

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Training Articles

Knowing When to Quit and When to Grit

By Mark | August 7, 2022

Am I being soft or is my body telling me I need to rest?  Our mind can play havoc on us if we let it.  And despite what it might appear like on the surface we all have negative self-talk. It’s part of being human. When we do hard things such as endurance sport and…

Breaking Through

By Clark | July 25, 2022

Come Easter Time 2022 I was done with COVID, lock downs, events being cancelled and was starting to question my purpose as an athlete and a coach. The economy was taking a beating and our own communities were being torn apart due to the current state of play. No events being held, people isolating and…

Defining Success

By Mark | May 16, 2022

In a World dominated by numbers, wins, losses, outcomes and at worst comparing ourselves to others, how should we define success?  Especially in endurance sport, where our finishing time is often used as the sole metric to define success. It’s a natural thing to set a time goal for a race we want to do.…