Triathlon Pink – The Perfect Start Line

You can't beat the start line of Triathlon Pink for your first triathlon.

I mean let's face it - triathlons are extremely intimidating places for anyone let alone a brand newbie. Turn up to any race and you'll see hundreds or thousands of athletes kitted out in lycra with flashy bikes and airs of confidence.

Which is why I love Triathlon Pink. The team behind these races have focused on what scares people the most about their first tri and taken away these fears as much as possible.

Scared of the swim? No worries. All the swims are in pools AND you can use a kickboard or a pool noodle.

No flashy bike? That's okay, it just needs to be safe and have working brakes.

Can't run? You don't need to! The shortest distance available includes a 500m run which anyone can do.

Then there's the supportive atmosphere. Triathlon Pink goes next level. Fancy dress is almost more prevalent than lycra, pink is the hottest colour and colourful wigs are the new tri hairdo.

We all started somewhere and it was a similar women's only event where I completed my first tri in New Zealand in 2000. For me part of the fear factor was removed by knowing that it was an event that people weren't there to win. I knew that I was going to be surrounded by other women in the same boat as me; simply wanting to finish the swim, bike and run and be able to tick that box that made them a triathlete.

Little did I know at the time that that race was the first step to an amazing journey. Six Ironman races, two age group world champs and a career as a triathlon coach later I have only fond memories of my first race.

It is partly my own journey that gives me a soft spot for these events and I can't recommend Triathlon Pink highly enough.

If you're ready to try your first triathlon check out our Be A Triathlete beginner course and then find a Triathlon Pink location.

About Suzanne

Suzanne is not only the founder of World Multisport but juggles being a mum, wife and triathlete herself. She is particularly passionate about getting more women into triathlon and loves seeing all aspects of the sport grow.