Five Steps To Your First Triathlon

Five Steps To Your First Triathlon

You wouldn't be here reading this if you weren't thinking about trying your first triathlon. The first thing I'll say to you is "take the leap. It's one that you will only ever regret not taking".

I'll always remember my first triathlon. It was a weekend trip with my Dad when I was 19 and we drove about 4 hours to Taupo where there was a women's only triathlon being held.

I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but I loved it anyway. Yet it was another few years before I would dip my toe in the water again... but that's another story.

That first trip to Taupo with my Dad was the very beginning of what has become a lifelong passion to help others take that first step (or five in this case). So if you are someone that's still on the sidelines and not quite sure how to get started training to your first triathlon I hope these five steps might help you.

1. Have the right equipment
The amount of gear you need to swim, bike and run can be overwhelming for anyone wanting to get started. So my first advice is just to get started with the basics and build up if you decide to keep training. The basics you need to get started are a pair of running shoes, a bike and helmet plus swimming goggles and cap. The bike is your biggest purchase but it can be any bike at all so see if someone has one you can borrow, look in the classifieds for a second hand one or you can even get started training on the spin bike at the gym.

2. Plan your training times
Let's face it, it's supposed to be hard and part of your motivation is to do something to challenge yourself. So you're not always going to find that you spring out of bed in the morning to head to the pool or to go for a run. Actually despite what it might look like on the surface (or on social media) exercising can be a chore which only makes you feel good once it's done! One of the key strategies we implore all our athletes to include is to develop a routine. Plan out the times that you have available to train and when it will fit into your schedule. Commit to these times and the longer you stick to the routine the harder your new training habit will be to break.

3. Choose your goal
You need to be specific here and choose an event to enter. Then enter it! A common trap we see people fall into is that they start training for their first triathlon but they don't commit to a race. We've heard too many times people say they will enter when they get to a certain point of fitness. But too often this doesn't actually happen because either their end point is too arbitrary or they haven't fully commited to the triathlon and don't stay motivated.

4. Find a buddy
You may be starting to notice a common theme here around excuses. The goal with getting ready for your first triathlon is to remove as many of your excuses as we can to not do it.  One of the best ways to do this is to find a buddy to train with. If you have a friend you can rope in to meet you for training sessions then that is perfect! Otherwise have a look at the training groups out there who will love to have you along (trust us - unless they specifically say that they are a performance or elite group then they will have people of all abilities).

5. Start training!
Okay so you've got the building blocks in place and you're ready to get started. I've already got you covered for this step with our six week beginner triathlon course. This is everything you need to know to prepare for your first triathlon. It's the training sessions, the coaching videos, explanations of what exactly a 'brick' is and more. At $17 we've kept the price super low so that we can help as many people get started as possible... I hope that it's you.

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Suzanne is not only the founder of World Multisport but juggles being a mum, wife and triathlete herself. She is particularly passionate about getting more women into triathlon and loves seeing all aspects of the sport grow.

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