Triathlon Plan For Beginners

When I first started training for triathlon a long long time ago now I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Even joining a club didn't help me, I still hadn't received any advice about the right way to train let alone what to wear in a race! It wasn't until I met my now husband Mark in 2007 that I finally appreciated the difference great coaching can make, even to those just starting out. Unfortunately there are so many coaches out there it's still hard to know you've found the right one.

Type 'triathlon plan for beginners' into a search engine and you'll get back a long list of free training programs that promise to get you started. I find there are two different breeds - the first are so boring and unimaginative that I doubt many people would keep going beyond the first week. But you get what you pay for and when you're not paying anything what really can you expect?

The second breed is my favourite. This is where the coach completely forgets that they are talking to a human being let alone someone wanting to try their first triathlon and they get carried away complicating everything with zones 1-5. The intent of the session gets lost in the gobbly gook explanation which makes no sense to someone not educated in sports science.

I believe that a triathlon plan for beginners needs to first engage the person so that they are more likely to stick with the program to the end. Then it needs to educate. This is where you learn about why you should train a certain way so that you adopt the training principles into your own routine. Lastly, it needs to motivate and inspire through additional resources and communications where you start to believe that yes, you really can finish your first triathlon.

It is because of this philosophy why we developed our Be A Triathlete course. A six week triathlon plan for beginners. But not just a triathlon plan, but daily video content where we teach you why and how to train so hopefully you end up loving triathlon just as much as we do.

triathlon plan for beginners

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Suzanne is not only the founder of World Multisport but juggles being a mum, wife and triathlete herself. She is particularly passionate about getting more women into triathlon and loves seeing all aspects of the sport grow.

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