Triathlon Articles – December 2020

“I was watching my 2 year old son Charlie play a shape building game on the IPAD recently.  He was able to load the game himself from the home page and then start moving the shapes into the picture and then press the forward arrow to continue playing.  It’s quite incredible how quickly kids pick it up.  Technology is part of the World they know.

However, for me, I am technologically challenged. It takes me a while to learn how to use different platforms and understand their different functions. But for our children it is second nature.  I have found the same thing for new people getting started in triathlon.  They don’t know any different when it comes to using things like GPS watches and Strava. They research training methods online and check out product reviews before buying. The problem is it can be almost too confusing as there is too much choice and several different opinions.

I did my first triathlon in 1989. I am an athlete and a coach, and I have also organised events, written a couple of books and been fortunate to visit many places in the World through triathlon.  I have seen triathlon change, develop, trends start, and finish and people come and go.

As triathlon has evolved there has been in influx of information. Despite my experience I still to this day sometimes get confused by the information at our fingertips.  It truly can be paralysis by analysis. The one constant though is at it’s core triathlon is a human endeavour designed to challenge us.

That is why our goal at World Multisport is to help you with common sense and straight forward information through our blogs.  Give you the information that will help you on your triathlon adventures.

In the last couple of months here are some of the topics we have covered:

  • The Two Swimming Drills You Need To Do And Why
    Triathlon swimming is different to pool swimming and tying yourself up in complicated swimming drills designed for pool swimming is an exercise in futility. Mark explains in this video hosted on our YouTube channel.
  • How To Run Longer
    Especially if you're new to triathlon and running the concept of running further seems impossible at times. Fear not in this blog we spoke about the simple steps to follow to allow you to run further.
  • What Should My Training Split Be For Triathlon?
    How much swim, bike and run should we do each week?  And why?
  • How To Regain Fitness
    If you're on the comeback trail like me there are a few things you need to be mindful of. What are they and will you get back to your best?  We talk about how you can.
  • Not Over Complicating Your Training
    Getting away from the paralysis by analysis and keeping things simple is the way forward. Don't get lost in overly complicated and confusing training programs and prescriptions.
  • Dealing With Self-Doubt
    Even the Worlds best can struggle to overcome their doubt that we all have.  We speak about how to deal with it so it doesn't hold you back.
  • Common Mistakes Triathletes Make There are mistakes that many triathletes make regardless of their ability.  We talk about why they make them and how to avoid them.
  • Training Plans For Beginners
    There is so much information at our fingertips when it comes to training plans.  But how do we know who to trust and what is valuable.
  • Five Steps To Your First Triathlon
    What are the most important steps to your first race and why?  Follow these and you'll be much better placed to enjoy your first race.

We have also done our first four weekly Facebook lives where we spoke about staying in a training routine when life throws you a curve ball, training at the correct intensity, the benefits of short training sessions and recovery.

As we move closer to a new year and hopefully a resumption to life as knew it our blogs will continue to be weekly along with the Facebook lives.

We want to inform, educate and hopefully inspire you on your triathlon journey.

About Mark

Mark is one of Australia's most experienced and knowledgeable triathlon coaches. With over 25 years experience coaching at all levels from kids, youth, adult and elite professional athletes across the World. He loves seeing people change their lives through triathlon.

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