A Letter To Myself – What I Wish Someone Had Told Me As A Beginner Triathlete

A Letter To Myself - 10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me As A Beginner Triathlete

1. Invest in a Good Pair of Knicks

Come on, we both know that you will want to go longer and faster pretty quickly so that means your tush is going to be sitting on that bike seat for a lot of hours.

Which brings me to my next point...

2. Don't Wear Undies

3. Chafing Is Your Enemy

Watch your neck too when you head out for a swim in your wetsuit. There's nothing worse then turning up to work on a Monday looking like you have a hicky on your neck!

4. Learn to Ride Your Bike

You'll be surprised watching any triathlon race at the number of people that lack basic bike skills such as cornering, braking and descending hills.

Take the time to learn the correct skills and technique and see not only your times skyrocket but feel safer and more confident on the roads.

5. Everyone is as Shit Scared as You Are

Trust me when I say this. Even after coaching so many others to their start lines, numerous Ironman events and countless triathlons the nerves don't go away.

My advice to you is this: embrace the butterflies! They are there to show that you are alive and about to embark on an adventure!

6. It Gets Easier

I promise you that it gets easier but you do need to practice. The swim start is something you'll only experience in a race. No amount of pool swimming will give you the skills to manage race day.

7. Coaching is for Everyone Including Beginner Triathletes

You will learn eventually what a great coach can offer and how to recognise the difference between someone looking to make a quick buck and others who generally want to help others improve.

8. You'll Make Friends That Last a Lifetime

At different times your training mates will move on from triathlon but you'll still be guests at their weddings or have them at your own. You'll meet their babies and have playdates together... friendships that last a lifetime.

9. It's OK to Fail

10. There's Always Another Triathlon Race

You'll gain a lot from triathlon and give back a lot. Keep your perspective, stay true to you and remember what's important.

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Suzanne is not only the founder of World Multisport but juggles being a mum, wife and triathlete herself. She is particularly passionate about getting more women into triathlon and loves seeing all aspects of the sport grow.

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