Top Five Triathlon YouTube Channels

I read recently that every day there are approximately 576,000 hours of YouTube uploaded every day. I must confess over the last couple of years I have become an avid YouTube watcher and do enjoy some of the different content on there.

Being a triathlon tragic like I am I have had a look at a number of different triathlon YouTube channels. There are quite a few available to watch with a mixture of every- day age group triathletes sharing their journey to many of the World’s best professional triathletes using YouTube to promote what they do.

YouTube is in fact the second biggest search engine behind Google. And when you type in triathlon in YouTube you’ll get a range of videos come up.

The following are what I think the top 5 Triathlon YouTube Channels are. It’s like saying what your favourite television show is. What I like will be different to you, but I think there is a good cross section here for most people.

1. Lionel Sanders

Lionel Sanders is a professional triathlete from Canada that has over 100,000 subscribers to his channel. Sanders is often referred to the people’s champion having come from a background of drug abuse and not taking up triathlon until his early 20’s. His videos are easy to watch and give a no holds barred look into his life as a professional triathlete. Personally, I find Sanders self-deprecating sense of humour very appealing and he is quite natural in front of the camera.

2. Global Triathlon Network

GTN is the sister channel to Global Cycling Network and one of the handful of triathlon channels that has over 100,000 subscribers. The presenters are natural and easy to like and they give out some great tips and information for triathletes of all levels.

3. Team Charles-Barclay

Lucy Charles Barclay and her husband Reece Barclay are professional triathletes from the UK. Lucy is one of the best female long course athletes in the World having podiumed at the World Championships in Kona on three occasions. They make a combination of personal and educational videos which are easy to watch.

4. Eric Lagerstrom – That Triathlon Life

Lagerstrom is a professional triathlete from the USA and his partner Laura Findlay is a female professional triathlete from Canada. Each week they release a weekly ‘vlog’ type video that gives an insight into their lives. The filming and personalised aspect of their videos make it something I look forward to watching each week.

5. Nick Bare

Whilst not a specific triathlon channel when it started it has grown into something that follows the journey of Nick Bare as he trains and competes in Ironman events. A former soldier, body builder and owner of Bare Performance Nutrition, Bare’s channel has over 600,000 subscribers. His videos are informative, personalised and professionally put together.

The great thing about YouTube is anyone can start a channel. All you need is a phone to record some footage and you’re away.


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