Top Five Triathlon Podcasts

Over the last few years, it seems as thought everyone is listening to podcasts. Especially triathletes as they listen to triathlon podcasts while sweating away during their training sessions. Podcasting is growing rapidly and in 2019, Google Podcasts product manager, Zach Reneau-Weeden told Discover Pods there are around 2 million podcasts indexed by Google.

I certainly enjoy some of the different triathlon podcasts on offer now. They offer some great educational content and as a coach help me stay informed. I also enjoy the fact I don’t have to listen to ads!

Here are what I think the top 5 Triathlon Podcasts are:

1. That Triathlon Show – hosted by triathlon coach Michael Eriksson from Scientific Triathlon. Eriksson focuses mainly on the scientific side of triathlon speaking to World leading sports scientists, exercise physiologists and coaches from around the World. As a coach it is great go to for the latest scientific research in sports science. If you’re a data geek and love the numbers side of triathlon then you’ll love this one.

2. Fitter radio – hosted by triathlon coach Bevan McKinnon and sports dietitian Dr Mikki Williden it has a good cross section of education plus interviews with professional athletes. It’s one of the longest running podcasts for triathlon and a very professional well structured podcast suitable for athletes and coaches.

3. IM Talk – this was the first triathlon podcasts I came across many years ago. Hosted by John Newsom and Bevan Eyles, they focus mainly on Ironman. They offer some informative and educational episodes plus interview some of the best Ironman athletes in the World. If you are into Ironman, then you’ll enjoy this one.

4. Witsup – Stef Hanson is passionate about getting more women involved in triathlon. She is an advocate for an even playing field for professional women in triathlon and is well respected by the triathlon community. She has some great interviews with pro’s and age groupers and has a natural relaxed style when doing so.

5. Tower 26 – hosted by legendary open water swim coach Gerry Rodrigues from the USA and triathlon coach/professional triathlete Jim Lubinski this is a great one in an area so many struggle with in triathlon – the swim. They have a mixture of interviews, educational episodes and success stories of athletes they have worked with.

Like YouTube the great thing about podcasts is anyone can start. I’m sure there are several other good triathlon podcasts out there I haven’t come across yet. I’ll be training for many more years to come yet so I look forward to listening to new ones as I find them.

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