Why Join A Triathlon Club?

Training with a triathlon club is one of those things that once you're in you never go back.

With all our moving of cities and countries in the last two years I think I had slowly become accustomed to training on my lonesome... and I forgot how good a training group can be.

This week I made it to two sessions. Mainly because I stopped making excuses around work and the kids and not being able to get there. Instead I hauled my arse along to the Taranaki lunchtime swim on Monday and the run intervals last night.

To be honest in part it was John's video that gave me that extra push to put in the effort. Really I just wanted one of those high fives...

Was I feeling motivated when I left the house? No not really. But once I was there and immersed in the session my training mindset changed and I managed to get the most out of myself for both of the sets.

So advantage number one... you will 100% always perform better in a group and under the watchful eye of your coach when you are in a group session. That even applies when the coach is your husband 😂

Lately we've had a bit of rain. My running shoes are barely dry before I've ended up back outside again in the wet. Last night was no different. There was rain, it was cold and it was dark.

Did it matter?

Not a jot. Perhaps if I was on my own my commitment would have been questioned. But a great group of people all happy to be there not only makes those uncomfortable things not matter but it makes the time fly by. Before we knew it the set of 300m hard efforts was over and it was time for the high fives.

So advantage number two - training is simply more fun 🎉

Part of my role at World Multisport is to help people get started and that includes joining our local training group in Taranaki. I've heard from many local athletes that are wanting to join in but are nervous about taking that first step for fear of not being quick enough or feeling out of place.

My advice if you are looking at getting started is that I have never met anyone that has regretted turning up, there is no such thing as too slow and as promised once you start you'll never go back to training on your own.

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Suzanne is not only the founder of World Multisport but juggles being a mum, wife and triathlete herself. She is particularly passionate about getting more women into triathlon and loves seeing all aspects of the sport grow.

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