Your First Triathlon

Your First Triathlon - How to Overcome the Barriers

Mark and Suzanne have been training first-time triathletes for over 15 years, so they’re well versed in what it takes for race hopefuls to strap on some goggles and get themselves over their first finish line.

For many newcomers, their first triathlon can be a daunting ambition, with the notion that excessive time and money needs to be spent to achieve it. In this video, Mark and Suzanne, founders of World Multisport, sit down to tell us how this is absolutely not true, and they share actionable goals to help you achieve your first event.

After watching this video, you will undoubtedly feel pumped and ready to tackle those first training sessions. Mark and Suzanne offer a 6 Week Beginner Triathlon Course that includes a personalised 6-week training course, modules on nutrition and equipment, weekly training sessions, and more informative videos like this! This course has helped turn many casual runners or bikers into incredible athletes able to tackle Ironman competitions and beyond.

Video Contents

0:00 - 1:15 What are the barriers stopping people from competing in their first triathlon?
1:16 - 4:15 What to wear
4:16 - 12:05 Necessary and excessive types of equipment
12:06 - 14:30 Time needed for training
14:31 - 17:17 Overcoming fear
17:18 - 21:06 Sum up of video and your next steps

What is a triathlon?

If you’ve found this video while scrolling social media and have no clue what this is all about, a triathlon is a multisport race that involves swimming, cycling and running. The intensity and length vary between events, so there’s always a race for you if you’re a novice or seasoned racer. Triathletes can compete to win, beat their personal best or purely for the satisfaction of crossing the finish line! 

How do Mark and Suzanne know what it takes to run your first triathlon? 

Mark and Suzanne have a combined 50+ years of international triathlon coaching experience across the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and now in a specialised online community space. Now more than ever, we understand the importance of staying connected online and the sense of community we can build. Even if you’re not a Taranaki or Taupo local, you can still be a part of the World Multisport family!

Barriers you may face and how to overcome them

  • That is, what do I need to wear to my first event, and it is one of those tight tri-suits that I feel self-conscious about wearing? The answer is no, you can wear anything you want. The most important things are to make sure you can move in easily, feel comfortable, and can get wet for the swimming portion and get changed quickly for the rest of the race. You can opt for a one-piece or board shorts instead of forking out for a specialised speedsuit. Triathlons are just about giving it a go, and everyone you’ll be surrounded with on the day is doing just that, so don’t feel self-conscious about whatever you choose to wear as no one else will care about it!
  • Do I need a bunch of hi-tech and expensive equipment? Again, no. You should get a few races under your belt before you begin purchasing any pricey equipment, as it’s your personal experience that will help you know what type of tools will be of real benefit to you. You’ll need togs and goggles for the swimming part, and for the running section, just a pair of good running shoes. Beginners don’t need to cash up a super-pricey road bike for their first race either - dust off the old bike and helmet you have sitting in the garage and get them checked to make sure they’re roadworthy, and you’ll be good to go!
  • Do I need a massive expenditure of time and a gruelling training schedule? Nope! Mark and Suzanne break down how you can achieve your goals by just 3-4 half-hour training sessions per week by focusing on a different sport each session. The video breaks down how training for one sport complements your training for the other, e.g. building fitness and practicing breathwork in swimming will automatically benefit your practice, and so forth.

What if I’m still unsure?

Perhaps the most significant barrier to overcome when facing your first triathlon is fear. Fear of failing can lead to fear of trying at all. Fear to tie up your running shoes for the very first time and hit the pavement. Mark and Suzanne experience many inquiries that fall off before that person can sign up for the beginner course. Fear can hold you back from achieving your goals and can make a triathlon seem like one mammoth, daunting competition instead of you being able to break it down into small actionable objectives that will get you across the finish line.

The Beginner Triathlon Course is for all skills and activity levels and welcomes people who never pictured that they could be competing triathletes. In this video, Suzanne shares how Mark and herself had helped to coach people who couldn’t swim more than twenty minutes at a time when they began training. Those same individuals are now going on to conquer multiple Ironman events.

World Multisport will help athletes build confidence, adapt their everyday lifestyle to become more fit and train smarter, not harder. With a 30 day money-back guarantee, nothing is stopping you from achieving your goals!

About Suzanne

Suzanne is not only the founder of World Multisport but juggles being a mum, wife and triathlete herself. She is particularly passionate about getting more women into triathlon and loves seeing all aspects of the sport grow.

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