About World Multisport

Meet Suzanne


I LOVE to see people achieve their goals. Especially when it comes to triathlons. After over a decade of building up our own age group squad and coaching athletes I could see a need for online training that addresses people's emotional needs.

With the assistance of my husband Mark who is an elite level triathlon coach we have created a site where you can access the training you need and achieve the results you want.

-Suzanne McCarthy

Meet Mark


I am the ultimate TRIATHLON NERD. I love the sport and everything about it.

I get such a buzz out of helping people achieve their goals.

There is no better feeling than seeing an athlete do something they thought they would never be able to do and knowing I played a part in helping them to do that.

- Mark Turner

Who Is World Multisport?


World Multisport was founded by Suzanne McCarthy with the support of her husband Mark Turner. Suzanne and Mark have many years of experience in triathlons having spent the last 10 years building the Tri Nation Triathlon Club in Brisbane. After a 12 month adventure in the UK with Mark working as the Head Coach of Triathlon Scotland they are now based in Noosa, Queensland.

Why Did We Start?


We have been involved in triathlons for a long time and love the sport. We have seen the way triathlons can change people lives both from a health and fitness perspective AND through social well-being. We love the camaraderie created through people training and competing together. So we want to see triathlon grow and we want to get as many people involved as possible.

What We Know


Our combined experience allows us to deliver training sets suitable for all athletes. Mark currently coaches at an elite level and has coached age group triathletes, runners and even learn to swim during the last 20 years. Suzanne has been coaching for 10 years with a strong focus on age group triathletes particularly beginners and helping women get involved in the sport.

Why World Multisport

With our experiences coaching one of Australia’s most successful age group triathlon squads, Tri Nation triathlon for 12 years, we know what age group triathletes need.  In the past our focus was on the athletes we coached in the squad.  And we loved that face to face contact and coaching on a daily basis with athletes of all levels.

Now we want to take our combined 40 years of coaching experience to triathletes everywhere, through World Multisport. We want to create an online community for triathletes of all abilities. Through our programs, videos, articles, monthly webinars and member groups we can help anyone of any ability anywhere in the World.

Triathlon is a fantastic sport. We have witnessed first hand the power of how it can change lives.  We can teach you how to train, how to balance it with the rest of your life and how to get faster no matter what your age or experience.

Our passion is helping people through triathlon. Join us at World Multisport and let us help you reach your goals.

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