Getting the Basics Right

Getting the basics right

To maximise performance you need to get the basics right through proper sleep, nutrition, hydration, mindset, good routines and just training consistently.

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Developing Resilience

mental battle

Endurance sports are a mental battle as well as a physical test It is of upmost importance for your results that you develop your mental game

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Top Five Triathlon Podcasts

top five triathlon podcasts

Over the last few years, it seems as thought everyone is listening to podcasts. Especially triathletes as they listen to triathlon podcasts while sweating away during their training sessions. Podcasting is growing rapidly and in 2019, Google Podcasts product manager, Zach Reneau-Weeden told Discover Pods there are around 2 million podcasts indexed by Google. I…

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Swimming For Triathlon – To Drill Or Not To Drill?

swimming for triathlon

I think I would be making a fairly accurate educated guess when I say most triathletes find swimming the hardest part of their training.  Certainly, my experiences as a coach and athlete over the last 30 years lead me to believe that swimming is one part of triathlon that most age groupers find the hardest…

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How To Run Longer

how to run longer

How to run longer is one question we often get asked. In this article Mark explains how to adapt your training to increase your distance

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