The 10 Commandments of Endurance Training

World Multisport Mark Turner

The 10 commandments in the Bible tells us what we should not do, such as though shall not steal. The same applies to endurance training. There are some things that we should avoid, a 10 commandments of endurance training. By following these 10 commandments of endurance training I can’t promise you’ll be cleansed of your…

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World Mental Health Day

October 10th was World Mental Health Day.  With incidences of depression, suicide and mental illness on the increase I believe it is important that we do all we can to remove the stigma around mental illness and share personal stories. As someone who suffers from depression and as recently as last year couldn’t see a…

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The Seven Phases of Heart Rate Training

This blog post is written by Tucker Goodrich who has blog site called Yelling Stop. So you’ve decided to start heart-rate training (HRT). Congratulations! Or you’ve been training and you’ve hit a rough patch, and need a little encouragement. Since I discovered it through the work of Dr. Phil Maffetone several years ago I have enjoyed…

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Success = Process, Process, Process

Something I repeat to the athletes I coach is to focus on the process.  Be present in the moment and put your energies into what you are doing at the time and the details around that.  Let the outcome take care of itself which will happen if you follow a process. In a World where…

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Developing Resilience

mental battle

Endurance sports are a mental battle as well as a physical test It is of upmost importance for your results that you develop your mental game

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