Enduro 101

The podcast ‘Enduro 101’ was hosted by Matt Hastings and the late World Multisport Head Coach Mark Turner in 2022.

The podcasts aim was to educate and inspire people to get started in triathlon and multisport. The knowledge, stories and messages that Mark and Matt conveyed in their podcast will hold relevance for both new and current athletes for years to come. Take time to remember Mark through these podcasts and instill his teachings in your training and throughout your life.


In Mark's words:

The podcast is built around four key pillars:

  1. To inform – we want to make it simple. Remove the complexity that can sometime exist in the world of training and racing.
  2. To Inspire – the motivation comes from you, but we want to challenge and inspire you. Not to rest on your laurels but keep working on challenging yourself to see what you are capable of.
  3. To Celebrate – it’s important to celebrate the wins, big and small. Take pride in your achievements and acknowledge how far you have come.
  4. To Build a community – “our vibe attracts our tribe.” It’s in our nature to want to be part of a community. We want to build a community that supports and shares the ups and downs of endurance sport.

Our mission is to make triathlon and multisport more accessible, reduce barriers to entry and improve diversity in endurance sports. Build a movement and help people change their lives through the physical, mental and emotional benefits of endurance sport.

We focus especially on people that are new to endurance sport, hence Enduro 101 – the basics. People in their formative years that need the support, guidance, and coaching to discover the benefits of being healthy and fit through endurance sport.

Along with our weekly informative episodes that cover the how to, when and what to of training and racing we also have the series, “WHY?” Talking to athletes of all backgrounds, abilities, and goals to ask then WHY?

Why are they doing their first triathlon, their first 10km run or first big, long course triathlon.  Making the everyday person the hero of the story and sharing their stories to help inspire others to act.