The Hero Project

10th April - 5th August 2023

Train for the Taupo Marathon - marathon, half marathon or 10km

16 week training program

Monthly coaching session

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Runner Hero Project

About the Hero Project

How many times have you started a training program for an event and not managed to get past the first few weeks?

A running or triathlon event sounds exciting at the start but once you get past that initial motivation it becomes hard to stick with a program.

This is where the Hero Project comes in. The Hero Project is not just a training program but a support network and a team of coaches to hold you accountable. Not only that it's a new social circle of people just like you wanting to set a goal and reach that finish line!

The Hero Project runs for 16 weeks with your training program set out for you. All you need to do is finish each session and add a comment that it's complete.

On top of the program we have a private group where you can message and ask questions PLUS a monthly group session with head coach Tammy where we'll get together either in person or online to discuss how training is going.

Then at the end of the 16 weeks you can meet up in Taupo with all your new training mates and finish your marathon, half marathon or 10km!


The schedule

Thursday 6th April at 6pm - first meeting

Monday 10th April - start of training program

Thursday 4th May 6pm - 2nd meeting

Thursday 1st June 6pm - 3rd meeting

Thursday 6th July 6pm - 4th meeting

Thursday 3rd August 6pm - pre-race meeting

Saturday 5th August - Taupo Marathon event

Monthly meeting topics include:

  • Strength training and injury prevention
  • Nutrition and specific nutrition for women
  • Wellness and Sleep Habits
  • Running Technique and Cadence


  • $429 upfront or four instalments of $119 paid every four weeks.
  • 16 week training program
  • Private accountability group
  • Five in-person or online group coaching sessions.

Additional Costs

  • Group training sessions in New Plymouth
  • Shared accommodation options available for the event in Taupo
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