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How To Train Hard, Race Fast and Live Well. Our triathlon articles will show you what training you need to do, tips on how to race and much more...

How To Train Hard, Race Fast and Live Well.

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How to be a long term triathlete

By Mark | Jul 9, 2019

Taking a long term approach to your training will not only provide you with the results you seek but provide invaluable benefits for your health and fitness for years to come. So how do you keep training long term? Mark from Triathlon Scotland gives his advice on staying in the sport long term.

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Ironman Cairns

What Ironman Should I Do?

By Suzanne | Jul 1, 2019

With four Ironman events in Oceania you may be thinking about what one you should enter or what one you should enter next. Here’s Suzanne’s run-down of the Ironman events in Australia and New Zealand. What the courses are like, travelling to the race, atmosphere and more!

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What to Wear In A Triathlon

By Suzanne | Jan 23, 2019

There is no one size fits all in anything in life let alone what you wear in a triathlon! If there is one thing that I beg of you it’s to not let all the lycra you’ll see at a triathlon put you off entering. If you stop looking at the pointy end of the field you will see that you can wear anything on the day as long as you are comfortable in it.

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Progress Not Perfection

By Mark | Jan 5, 2019

As human beings we’re all flawed, we all have battles and challenges we need to overcome. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of triathlon can be a quest for perfection both during training and racing. Perfection is impossible to achieve; it should never be a goal.

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