Take your performance to the next level with one of our triathlon training programs. We have something for everyone whether you are just getting started or wanting that specialist advice to improve your results.

"Mark is an outstanding coach, simple as that. When you take up a challenge like Ironman, you want some one who’ll map out your journey, keep you honest, motivate and encourage you, and make you a better athlete. Mark does all those things and more. He brings people together, he’s knows his stuff, and more importantly he knows his athletes.”

Dion Herlihy


Our beginner triathlon course will take you by the hand and show you step by step how to train for your first triathlon. A 6 week training program complete with session videos so you know exactly what training to do to finish your first triathlon.

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Sprint and Olympic

Are you looking for help training for your next sprint or Olympic distance but not ready to commit to a one on one program? Our 12 week Sprint and Olympic distance programs allow you to customise for your individual swim, bike and run ability.

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One on one coaching

This is the ultimate performance package. The one on one coaching is really that. It's a completely personal service. Your program is written just for you and includes frequent communication and adjustments to have you training at your best each and every day.

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