the ultimate training package

Whether you're just starting out or ready to smash your PB our one on one coaching will get you ready for race day in your best possible shape.

Get in touch today with limited spots available.

Weekly training program delivered via Training Peaks

Unlimited changes to your program as your training, life and needs dictate

Unlimited access to your coach via emails, phone calls and texts

Free access to group training sessions (currently New Plymouth and Taupo only)

One on One Coaching Package


We deliver our training programs through the Training Peaks software. We know that life can get in the way which is why the program is only provided up to a week in advance (often less).

unlimited changes

Receiving a training program is very different to having a coach in your corner. The coaching package includes unlimited changes and adjustments to your training schedule.

unlimited access

You are paying for a coach (not a program). We do not restrict how often you can ask questions or give feedback. In fact we encourage it. The more we hear from you the better your results.

monthly webinar

Each month our coaches host a webinar with the goal to increase the knowledge base of our athletes. Topics covered include nutrition, high intensity training etc. These are exclusive to programmed athletes.

group training

For athletes based in New Plymouth and Taupo the coaching package includes access to the group training sessions. These will be included in the training program where appropriate for the individual athlete.

choice of coach

Each of our coaches bring their own strengths to World Multisport. We love that we have coaches from different backgrounds so that we can match the athlete to the coach that will help them get their best result.

"The team at World Multisport trained me to complete my 1st half ironman. Having a coach on board was the best decision taking the pressure away from trying to figure out how much to train, how hard/easy sessions should be, recovery and the support was amazing. Following a program, learning race hydration, nutrition, tips and being accountable everyday got me to my goal. Absolutely loved the experience and joining the squad was a lot of fun too."

- Sonia Kiser


Mark Turner

As World Multisport's head coach and guru of all things triathlon and multisport. Mark's personal coaching services are in hot demand.

Mark currently has a full roster of athletes. We highly recommend signing up with Clark to get started training or add yourself to our waitlist for when Mark's next spot opens up.

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Clark ellice

Taupo's head coach Clark comes with a wealth of experience after 10 years of racing at an elite level.

Clark now brings his knowledge to the triathletes in Taupo and online with a high level of service and care.

Clark currently has space on his roster so get in touch with us today to discuss joining his team.


"Having Clark as my coach for the last 5 years has seen my performance as an endurance athlete improve beyond what I thought I was able to achieve.  By instilling in me the importance of regular swim, bike, and run sessions, as well as good nutrition,  strength and conditioning work,  I have been in the shape of my life as a 50 year old,  achieving milestone events such as Ironman NZ and Ironman 70.3.

I look forward to achieving more goals in the future with the help of Clark's watchful eye coaching me to be in the best condition possible to achieve my goals."

Malcolm Mayall

Malcolm Mayall

"Mark is the first running coach I’ve ever had. The process has been a lot of fun, and I’m learning a lot. Mark takes a patient, long term approach, which has led to me running more consistently and injury free (touch wood).

At the age of 40, I’m now running faster than I’ve ever run, and enjoying (almost) every minute of it.

And the team at World Multisport have been so supportive, it’s great to train with like minded people."

I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do with another couple of years of consistent training!

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Jonathan Wright

hear from our athletes about their ironman training

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