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“Picking up a new sport as an adult is daunting. The support and encouragement from the World Multisport team and the rest of the beginners made this a really enjoyable course. I built new friendships along the way and looked forward to every session. I learnt so many triathlon fundamentals as well as tips & tricks I didn’t realise I needed to know, finishing the course feeling so much more comfortable and confident to continue on with triathlon”

Brooke Kemsley


Over the six weeks we will provide you with all the swim, bike and run sessions you need to build your fitness and feel confident on race day. Ready to try your first 5km, triathlon or ocean swim.


We'll teach you the skills and technique you need to start enjoying training and reduce your risk of injury. Our focus is on developing habits that will help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle in the long term.


Our big reason for running the beginner courses is to help people develop friendships and connections so that they enjoy training. You'll meet people just like you, trying something new.

Beginner Courses Available

Beginner Triathlon

Next course starts: November 2022

Our beginner courses are held in New Plymouth and Taupo. The course includes an online training program and the following group sessions:

New Plymouth

  • Monday 5:30-6:30pm cycling
  • Wednesday 6:00-7:00am swimming
  • Thursday 5:30-6:30pm running


  • Tuesday 6:00-7:00am swimming
  • Wednesday 6:00-7:00am running
  • Alternate Sundays starting 20th February 8:00-9:30am cycling

If you need some flexibility the program offers alternative sessions on those days when you can't make it.

With training sessions plus supporting videos this is everything you need to get you to your first triathlon.

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Why Join Us

We get it. Triathlons can be intimidating and it is hard to know where to start. Which is why at World Multisport we specialise in firsts. First 5km. First triathlon. First Ironman. There are a lot of firsts out there and we know how special they are.

This step is only the beginning for most of our athletes and we've witnessed first hand as our beginners go on to bigger things.

This is why we love to help beginners train for their first. Because we know that it's only the start of something special.

The Countdown Is On...


Our Beginner Courses Will Enable You To:

Breathe Better

If we had to choose the number one problem that our beginner athletes come to us with it's struggling for breath in the pool. Which is why this is our focus in the very first week of our swim and triathlon courses. We'll explain exactly HOW you should be breathing then give you an easy to follow exercise that you can even do in your pool at home to improve your breathing and not be gasping for breath at the end of each lap.


Running seems like the most simple of the three sports but we see so many athletes (even the experienced ones) getting their run training wrong. If you want to improve your running and be able to run further without stopping there are some key training concepts that you need to incorporate. In our experience most people need to slow down (I know you're probably thinking you can't go any slower), we'll explain more in week one.

Feel Confident

We've been training beginner athletes for a long time and you'd be surprised how long it takes most people to take that first leap from thinking about a triathlon to starting training for one. This is our big reason for starting the beginner triathlon course. To take down the barriers, remove the excuses and give you the confidence to swim, bike and run your way to not only your finish line but a healthier and happier you.

Not sure if you're ready to commit?

Get started at home with our free online Triathlon Masterclass