Improve Your Swimming Technique

One on one swim technique analysis to improve your swimming performance.

"The one on one swim sessions with Mark have improved my swimming out of sight. Now I'm feeling confident I can comfortably finish the 3.8km Ironman swim and still feel good."

Daryn Pennington

swim technique

Improve Your Swimming Technique

A 30 minute one-on-one session with coach Mark in New Plymouth or coach Clark in Taupo. During this session they will identify areas of your swimming form and technique that need improvement. The session will include direct feedback from Mark or Clark as well as video filming and analysis to provide you with visual feedback.

During the session you will be provided with advice and sets that you can use to improve on the identified areas.  Live filming and analysis means you get to work on specific aspects of your swimming with regular feedback throughout the session.

who is it for?

Swimmers and triathletes wanting to become faster, more efficient and confident in their swimming. Suitable for adults, teenagers and swimmers 10 years or older

Fundamentals of Swim Technique

So you have a clear understanding of the different parts of the swim stroke. This will help you recognise where you can make improvements, what parts of your stroke are easiest to change and where you should be spending your time in training.

Make Your Biggest improvements

Where you can make improvements in your swimming is going to depend on your age, swim history and how many times per week you can train. All this will be taken into account in the clinic and you will be given advice to reflect your personal situation.

adapt your swim training

Whether you're training on your own or with a squad, you will be provided with details and swim sets to adopt techniques discussed in the clinic. Incorporating our approach into your training will give you the best chance of success.

Swim Clinic Details

Price: $65

Duration: 30 minutes

New Plymouth: Todd Energy Aquatic Centre, 8-16 Tisch Avenue
Taupo: AC Baths, 26 AC Baths Avenue

How To Book: Contact us to arrange a time and date that suits you

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